140 and beyond

140. This Orthodox Jew came into the store and whistled along to “Moves Like Jagger.” 141. My Cortona famiglia. 142. It felt like we hadn’t left Italy, and we all just were still together, talking about life. 143. Comfy couches. 144. Red boots. 145. Movie night with my Girl Scouts. 146. Being able to be […]


Ten highlights taken so far from “Sex God” by Rob Bell. 111. “Everybody, everywhere. Bearers of the divine image.” 112. “Heaven is the realm where things are as God intends them to be.” 113. “God is for purpose and beauty and meaning.” 114. “His point is that something serious – sometimes hellish – happens when people are […]


101. Mountain air. 102. Celebrating my love, Kate Riney for her birthday this weekend. 103. Mimosas. 104. Kaiti is so open and hilarious. 105. Silence in the mountains. 106. The view from our deck. 107. Learning to appreciate people I previously haven’t quite appreciated. 108. Planning. 109. To-do lists. 110. Exposed wood interiors: they feel […]