And away we go:

  1. New recipes. [ Roasted Apple, Pecan and Chicken Salad if you’re interested.]
  2. My city at night.
  3. The arrivals gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
  4. Watching a dad and his three children wait with roses and signs for the mom to come up the arrivals escalator. The kids were so happy to see her that they just kept wanting to touch her and hug her.
  5. Planning imaginary impromptu vacations based on the departure list.
  6. Getting to the Currency Exchange right before it closes.
  7. Friends like Leslie, who affirm my character and worth, even when I feel like I’m just rambling.
  8. Being able to apply my knowledge of Renaissance art history. (The term “terribilità” associated with Michelangelo’s sculptures were also associated with his intense character. You’re welcome.)
  9. Finding Tuscan wine at the Farmer’s Market that tastes almost as good as it did in Cortona.
  10. This sermon from Grace Midtown on Sunday has had me thinking all week.

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