21. Deckled edges.
22. “Mom look, its like a beer can for babies.” Overheard in the toy store, 4 year olds making me laugh.
23. “Look, its T Payne” – Liza commenting on people who walk by our store.
24. Smell of Atlanta Coffee Roasters
25. “Live like a pharoah , sing like a sparrow.” New song I heard from Avett Brothers that’s just beautiful.
26. Nutella and dark chocolate frozen yogurt.
27. Homey interior design, i.e. The Yogurt Tap.
28. Mixing paint.
29. Swapping stories with Embo and Ellie until wee the wee hours of the morning.
30. Essie “Good to go” top coat. No seriously. I painted my nails before bed: no sheet marks in the morning. Miracle.


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