41. “When man is no longer able to look beyond his own death and relate himself to what extends beyond the time and space of his life, he loses his desire to create and the excitement of being humean.” (Henri Nouwen) So here’s to the excitement of being human!

42. Stefanie. She’s real, and she inspires me to be dependable and real and amazing.

43. Siblings. Talking with Stefanie got me thinking how grateful I am for my brother, and how at a certain age you can start depending on them for things, not just on your parents.

44. Cobalt blue. Makes me feel unique. Even though I realize everyone is falling in love with this color.

45. My snitch necklace.

46. People starting up conversation based on my snitch necklace.

47. The grins I get when I wear my heart sunglasses. I love how fun they are for other people too!

48. Serving at Grace Midtown.

49. The worship during the 8pm service.

50. Pat being a great leader.


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