Time to play a little catch up…

So. I haven’t posted in twelve days. That means you get to see a long rambling list of things I’ve been writing in different places. TA-DA! :] And it’s actually a little lacking, so here’s to being better about writing. But also, for future reference, I’m thinking some days I will keep my list of 10 semi private, and just elaborate on specific numbers for the day. Hey, it’s an experiment, right?!

51. Big comfy bed.
52. Quilts.
53. Walking through Inman Park with Ellie.
54. Jack’s Pizza and Wings.
55. Lemon pepper wings.
56. Getting to see my best friend of almost 11 years weekly now that we live in the same town again.
57. Centering my first piece in wheel throwing!
58. Randall, my wheel throwing professor, being so calm and helpful.
59. The excitement of inking my first linoleum block, seeing the image, and realizing I did it right.
60. Happy accidents in the printmaking process that give a piece the hand done feel.
61. Heard the song “Fix You” by Coldplay for the first time in a while. And I still have the best, inexplicable feelings associated with it. Somewhere between tender reflection, excited expectation, and the joy of a secret.
62. I just love how music can be so personal. One song can be so many different things to different people.
63. My car. Even though its bumbling along. It works, it gets me places.
64. My school. They make me crazy, and I could complain (i do complain) about all the things they’re bad at, but its an urban university where I get to study what I want and leave with a degree.
65. How blessed are we that we have the option of getting a degree? Of studying what we want to study?
66. My professors. Again: some drive me nuts. But they have knowledge I don’t have, and they are there to pass it along.
67. Facebook. Not for shrinking the world or wasting all my free time. That’s on me. But for making it easy to check on far away friends in pretty real time.
68. Sweetwater Blue.
69. Online back up copies of work.
70. Late nights with Genevieve. She some times helps me stay on task, but always makes me laugh.
71. The fact that I can say, “Its a Harry Potter house!” And Genevieve knows what that means.
72. My little cousin, Farah! Her birthday was 9/9 and now she’s a teenager. Crazy.
73. Sunshine.
74. Bread.
75. Tiffany’s king sized bed that feels like a cloud.
76. The blue haired women at Atlanta Coffee Roasters, reminiscing. “Did you dance?” “I danced everywhere.” I want to say that.
77. Getting my drink for free at lunch.
78. Texts from Alli. Always funny.
79. Trademark comments from Liz in Cortona that are filed in my brain and keep making me laugh. Like, “That’s a nice dress. It looks inexpensive.”
80. This video of a cat. No really. I’m thankful for all the things that make me laugh.

81. Sun roofs.
82. Pink clouds.
83. Meeting a mom at the toy store who is a fine art painter
84. Tea from Dubai.
85. Remembering that a friend brought that tea all the way home, just for me.
86. Kody being a good “coach” to get me to finish work.
87. We want other people to bend their knees before God, but we don’t even bend our own. We have to thank God for who He is and what He’s already done. -Drew McClure
88. My family just decided to come visit Sunday afternoon! I love happy days and surprises.
89. My little sister Katie is growing into such a loving, lovely hearted, compassionate human, and I’m so proud of her.
90. Successfully “winging” my lesson at the Chinese school.
91. Really helpful feedback from Kevin about my lesson.
92. Being able to receive constructive criticism. Today.
93. Friends making dinner for friends! Meredith made spaghetti and it was nom-ulous.
94. Sweet little Chinese students!
95. Vicky. Being mesmerized by my nails, wanting to stand right next to me, just such an affectionate blessing of a little girl!
96. Jacinda! Just the cutest 5 year old that melted my heart with sweetness.
97. My brother Tommy putting on silver go-go boots in Rag-o-Rama, and joining in on the ridculousness of the family.
98. My brother Jonathan putting on a robe and Captain’s hat to walk around the same store.
99. Rosco. He’s goofy and he loves to make people smile. Like when he danced through the checkout line at TJ Maxx.
100. Singing, “We give you praise and all of the glory/ You are the Lord, the one we live for/ We give you praise and all of the honor.”

So there’s the katsup.


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