One hundred and twenty one, one hundred and twenty two…

121.  Apple Geniuses. And Apple Care.

122. Even though my day was frustrating because it was spent at the mall waiting and hoping for my computer to be fixed/ fixable, I got to walk around and people watch.

123. AND I got a mall pretzel. AND a lil slushie. Ahhh mall food.

124. Baubles. I love the word. But I really do love just picking through clunky jewelry.

125. Julie. By name, the Apple Genius who fixed my computer today. My hero of the day. She seemed to be in her late fifties with more ear piercings than me, and two forearm tattoos. Pretty chill lady. And incredibly helpful. Love people who are great at what they do. And individuals :]

126. Genevieve and her questions!! It’s so good to have people speak up about things that don’t make sense in life and faith and the world. It makes me stop and realize I need to ask the same questions. We learn so much from dialogue!!

127. Caitlin. How I miss her! I got to see her for twenty minutes tonight and she’s just got such a sweet heart, and I love her. Plus, she lent me a textbook, so she basically gave me $70, right?

128. The new Mumford and Sons album. First run through I wasn’t nuts for it, but generally I love albums more that take a few tries to really click.

129. Rosco being the mediator for me and the car shop. Who doesn’t love feeling taken care of, honestly?

130. This new red wine I found called “Arrogant Frog.” It has a funny lil cartoon on the outside and tastes decent. Even though it’s a twist off… I would say, “Don’t tell!” but I had such beyond decent wine in Italy from twist off bottles, that I’m deciding not to care.


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