A little collection. 292-300

Here lies a smattering of the types of things I peruse late at night (while wondering when my sleep schedule will ever be a schedule, much less normal…) I love beautiful things. Unique treasures. Shared creativity. Simple decor. Quick wit. So here are a few of my favorite internet treasures highlighting just that today. Or […]

Sunshine days. 281-290

281. Open sunroof with exquisite sunshine. 282. Catching up with Ammie: cheap beer, long talks, lots of laughs. 283.    These little guys fell in my sunroof. I love fall leaves! 284. Having a girly little conversation with the checkout girl at Best Buy about nail polish. I think there’s something about having real conversations, however […]


1. Baby laughing at Java Monkey. 2. The gentleman who sat down next to me had an exquisite handmade journal. And we know how I am about books… 3. Walking. Everywhere. After this summer, I really appreciate the quiet, alone time walking places gives me. And the little bit of energy from getting UP. 4. […]

Mondays’ll getcha! [261-270]

261. Taking Katie on a date for her birthday yesterday. 262. Getting chills when the orchestra played  this song. Do I love Harry Potter? You have no idea. 263. After seeing a magic trick at the show, Katie’s amazement, “How did they do it?!” 264. Getting to ceramics early (?!) with a new bag of […]