Every day there is something.

160. I was driving home from work, and ended up on my street behind some young teen boys on their bikes. The one at the back seemed about twelve, and as he picked up speed he just started coasting, threw his arms to the side and tilted his head up. His orange shirt was flapping in the wind, and it was just a picture of freedom and joy. Makes me realize I need to get my bike to town.

161. Learning things, even painful things, about who I am, what I believe, and what I want to know from conversations with Genevieve and Allison.

162. Meeting Ryan: our neighbor with a magical past that includes Audrey Hepburn and the dog Wishbone.

163. Lemon pepper wings, mmmmm.

165. Two dollar Tuesday PBR? Yes, thank you.

166. Genevieve being the kind of friend that won’t let me settle: for answers, for friends, for men, for identity. She’s the kind of lady who knows what people deserve, and makes them fight for it.

167. Finding this treasure, that I have been sworn to keep secret.

168. This pretty latte from Condesa. 

169. This new tattoo Genevieve gave me, to remind me to do just as it says, “walk in inspiration.”


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