Even when your car breaks.

180. Katie and Tommy sucking the helium out of balloons and crackling.
181. The crisp air this morning that was perfect for wearing my new leather jacket.
182. New, as in: from Florence. Ahhhh.
183. Brunch with Ansley.
184. Being able to tell Ansley all the messy parts of my life, and still know she isn’t going anywhere.
185. When my car stops working, as in, literally dies at intersections, Rosco doesn’t freak out. He just calmly puts the car in neutral and reverses down a hill. I appreciate him being able to take over certain situations for me so much.
186. Hey! Thursday I met First Aid Kit!
187. Sitting down anywhere at my Mom’s house and having Spencer end up sitting on my feet.
188. My mother, for putting up with and laughing at my joke commentary on any and every movie we watch. (But really, “Broken Arrow”? They were asking for it.)
189. “Covenant community is messy.” Drew McClure BROUGHT IT at Grace Midtown last night.
190. Through my weepy, emotional mess, Liz listened to me and sincerely heard all my frustrations. And reminded me I was valid for feeling the way I do. Sometimes people just need to be validated.
191. At the concert Thursday, the shadows projected on the side walls with rainbows around them, and it was just the extra dash of amazing on an already amazing auditory, visual experience.
192. Deciding my prints just had to be left alone at 2.30am, and having the class receive them as whole.
193. Singing to my music in studio at 2am to stay awake, because ain’t nobody there to hear me!
194. Rachel answering her phone to let me in the house at 3am because I forgot my keys for the first time since we’ve lived together.
195. Watching Rosco teach Tommy how to carve his pumpkin.
196. Watching Tommy be entirely pleased with the pumpkin we finished in 10 minutes, as well as watching Katie and Rosco work with a drill and many other tools on their pumpkin for over an hour. And everyone was happy.
197. Making mixed CDs.
198. Covenant community: isn’t a ministry model, its being vulnerable.
199. He is more reflected in WE than He is in ME.


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