The big 2-0-0

200. The smell of fall air. It has a smell, trust me.

201. The feeling of accomplishing something. Anything, really. But being able to check something off a list that has been daunting for a while is one of my favorite things.

202. Mom’s prayers.

203. Surprise favorite of the day: Bruce Springsteen. Who knew?

204. Turning around in the library and finding Chris De Laet!

205. Having Tuesday free to do school work. Ahhh, it feels good to get things done.

206. Just being outside today! The weather has been perfect, magical, enchanting, my favorite.

207. My Women Artists professor letting me take a make up quiz. Ain’t she a saint.

208. Getting to see Kate tonight. Even if it is just across a table while we both work.

209. Dreaming up plans to move to New York with said Kate…


One thought on “The big 2-0-0

  1. 1. Having the privilege of sharing life with you.
    2. Such an encouraging example of bravery. Someone so willing to stare the hard stuff in the face and admit weakness.

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