Counting along

210. Seeing Perks of Being a Wallflower. They did such a good job translating the emotion of the book.
211. Got to see it with Ansley!
212. Making one cool mug tonight…
213. Getting to visit with friends who it feels like I haven’t seen in eons. Ions?
214. The cuddly Jones puppies I’m watching this weekend. Sometimes you just need a puppy cuddle!
215. I still love the way Adam and Jennifer decorate their house and are so educated about modern interior design.
216. Sweet potato fries at Milltown.
217. Telling myself I’d spend two hours in studio and actually doing it. Feels good to do things you say you will!
218. Sleeping in the Jones’ house in my old room, being thankful for them always looking out for me.
219. Having a stereo in the studio.


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