Guest Thankfullery : Genevieve

Hurray, hurrah, yippee, tahdah: today is my first guest post! Every 1st and 15th I will be letting someone else share ten things that bless, inspire and impact their selves. My first guest is, appropriately, a lass who daily blesses, inspires, and impacts me: Miss Genevieve. She is a sweet and spicy, everyday saint, and I adore the truth she shares and the love she exudes. She’s an English major and, naturally, a magician with words.


220. My Fiery, Sweet, Hilarious, Caring, and Absolutely Beautiful in Every Way Friend, Allie.

So Allie graciously asked me to do the first guest post on the Thankful Blog.  Clearly, this confirms that I am, in fact, her favorite human, which should, in and of itself, be number 220.  This is Allie and me at Java Monkey on a study date.  I lav her.  Over the past almost 2 years she has truly become one of my best friends.

221.  Being an Aunt.

holding hands with zelda

A friend that I fiercely love, Zohra, just had a baby girl.  (She named her after a super awesome video game. )

This child is magical.  And best of all, Zohra gave me the honor of not only being her Auntie, but I get to be her godmother!!!!

It’s my goal to get Zelda to call me “Fairy Godmother” throughout her entire life.

222.  Being in love….  Like, real love.

squeals did occur.

How appropriate, number 222 just happens to be about the man that I share a birthday with on 2-22!

Dustin sent me flowers recently, and they were the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

(The card read, “The Earth laughs in flowers. -Ralph Waldo Emerson” 🙂  )

The fact that someone is not only your best friend,

but romances you on the regular is definitely something to be grateful for.

I am blown away by the honest and real love that we share,

And I honestly never thought that I had the capacity to truly love someone like I love him.

His love has opened my heart up and pushes me to be the best, most alive, version of myself.  It’s hard work, but it’s freeing.

It is a beautiful thing to push through fear and insecurity

to be vulnerable enough to be known and loved for exactly who you are,

and to invite another human being to journey with you as you grow.

223.  Studying what you love.

The Creative Process.

I get to read and write about things that I actually am passionate about for my major.

The picture above is of the process I went through while writing a 10 page research paper

on Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

I learned SO much throughout the few weeks of research, and I ended up really loving my finished work.

Hurray for being an English Major and actually loving school.

224.  Discovering great quotes while doing a research paper.


225.  Being a wedding singer.

Tour Buses and Palm Trees.

I travel around the country and sing songs for a living with an event band called the A-Town A-List.

This job makes me speechless with gratitude.

We get to visit the coolest cities in our country, meet really interesting people, and perform concerts and make people happy.

Helping people make memories is one of my favorite things about the job,

to the point where it doesn’t seem fair to get paid to have these types of experiences.

Needless to say, I am extremely taken aback and grateful for this opportunity.

One of my other favorite things that I get to experience with this job: creative decor!!!!

Scrabble and Citrus.

Cheery Wedding Goodness.

And sometimes the wedding receptions we play turn into crazy, joyful mosh pits…

so there’s that.

The Face.

226.  The Secret Garden

the Garden of Poetry and Prose. No seriously that’s what it’s called.

The girls of Adair Street are lucky enough to explore a magical garden on a weekly basis.

My bestie, Nicole, and I, discovered it on a walk.

The owner of this secret garden is a pretty big deal.  He’s worked for celebs like Audrey Hepburn as a landscape designer.

This garden was also featured in that “Timothy Green” Disney movie.

We watch the sunset, hang out with the owner and his 5 dogs (one of which is Wishbone’s great granddaughter),

and we get to hear stories about this amazingly creative man’s life.

It’s the most incredible thing.  It still makes my heart flutter even thinking about it.

227.  Thinking Man Tavern 

Hidden gem of Decatur.  We LOVE this place.  (A two minute walk from our house!)

Try the fried green tomatoes, and make sure you get Ashley to serve you!

Think Think Think.

228.  Vegas with Best Friends 

I’ve known these girls since I was 14.  We had a blast in Vegas this past weekend!

Here’s us at prom, our senior year.

Tent of Love: 2006.

Great, isn’t it? (Another thing to be grateful for?  Losing 30 pounds since that photo was taken. hahah)

Now here’s us this past weekend, reenacting the above photo in Vegas.

Tent of Love: 2012.

229.  Hiking in Vegas while most people are sleeping.

oh, and socks with Sunny Side Up Eggs on them.

Eggs and Red Rock.

230.  This.


Again, Normal everyday life.

So there you have it.

Wow, Allie.  I didn’t realize I would fall in love with guest-posting.  Thanks for sharing the love.


One thought on “Guest Thankfullery : Genevieve

  1. yehhee im still mad that you guest blog and don’t even real blog Genevieve…haha it’s very cool to read all of your posts Allie and i love that you take time to think about what you’re thankful for so often. For me it’s hard to think on those things when life is particularly sucky and stressful and it’s refreshing to see how you choose to pick the good things and reflect on them.

    i want to work on that.

    i look forward to continue reading your posts and sometime soon let you into my blog.It’s inspiring to me that you allow so many people into your thoughts. I feel honored to call you mom. 😀

    Genevieve i loved your guest post but hate those damn egg socks…glad we were able to adventure to the garden land and share that experience with Allie! also, i love that you are in love and happy and i hope i can experience that one day. I love you and Dusty.

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