Even when it isn’t easy. [231-240]

Low points suck.

It’s really hard to choose to be thankful in low points. It’s significantly easier (you could even go so far as to say “easy as pie”) to list the reasons to be upset, sad, mad, discontent, etc.

But I’m going to concentrate today on finding just ten things.

I can make a list of ten things, anyone can make a list of ten things.

Ten things that I choose to be thankful for today.

1. Sometimes a giggle goes a long way. And this little girl is killing me softly with her sassiness.

2. Nicole, for being loyal.

3. Nicole, for reminding me that I treasure loyalty.

4. Don’t count what you don’t have, who isn’t around, and where you aren’t. Pay attention to the things you’ve been given, the people who are with you, and be present where you’re at.

5. Seeing my Dad, even if just for a few hours, this week. He’s been in town for a conference and I love when I get to see him.

6. I kiiiinnnnddd ooooofffff hit something with the side of my mother’s minivan when I borrowed it last week. And when Rosco saw it he just laughed.

7. Some roommates and I had a conversation the other day that was kind of difficult, but made me thankful that we all at least try to be respectful of one another. And it also helped me realize I’m learning to voice my opinions, which has been a long time coming, trust me.

8. Finished reading a chick lit book I borrowed from Kate. It’s a little cheesy, but it was sweet, and it’s something I finished. Not that elective reading is anywhere near the top of my to do list right now, but still.

9. After an all nighter, it’s the funniest, most misleading feeling when you walk outside and the sun is coming up: you’re hyper aware of the dawn and newness of the day (by exhaustion), but despite the crummy circumstances of being exhausted, you can smile at the dawn and new day ahead of you. At least I could. Wednesday morning.

10. This is going to sound bizarre, but: coyotes howling. Most people, I assume, are terrified by that sound. But the family home I grew up in was next to a forrest preserve, and we always would hear coyotes howling. So in some odd displaced way, it reminds me of home. And makes me feel a little more snuggled into bed in Decatur.

So. There’s ten things I’m choosing to see as positive today. Anyone else have a “bright spot, dark day” notion to share?


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