Major league baseball? (241)

This lady came into the store, and, let’s be honest, she was a little weird. You know when strangers volunteer too much information and its off putting? Or, makes you want to laugh because you aren’t sure if they’re serious. Like,  she was surprised that we didn’t have learning tools for adults…

But we’re a toy store…

But its cool.

Totally normal.


After several odd conversations, she asked for a price check on four items.

That all had prices on them.

But anyway.

The last one was a velcro wallet with the Braves logo on it. She said,

“I see you have four of these, so hopefully one will still be here in a week? I just moved here so I’ve had some expenses, but maybe in 8-10 days?

Because I draw inspiration from the Braves.

I feel like they’re what America stands for: land of the free, home of the brave.

And I’ve been through some things, and its hard to be brave. But I’ve learned to be brave.

So, I really want this.”

Weird. But great. So… Go Braves.


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