Mondays’ll getcha! [261-270]

261. Taking Katie on a date for her birthday yesterday.

262. Getting chills when the orchestra played  this song. Do I love Harry Potter? You have no idea.

263. After seeing a magic trick at the show, Katie’s amazement, “How did they do it?!”

264. Getting to ceramics early (?!) with a new bag of clay. Made me feel productive.

265. The sense of home from just being with closest friends.

266. Making 12 mugs! Even though Randall thinks the handles are too far out, I think they’re decorative. And while on the bulky side, kind of charming.

267. Coming home to Genevieve and Coco at my kitchen table.

268. Watching Spice World for the first time since… 1999?

269. New etching idea inspiration from my real life seeing a nun and monk walk down the street together in Siena.

270. Voicemail from Jay to let me know he was thinking of me.


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