1. Baby laughing at Java Monkey.

2. The gentleman who sat down next to me had an exquisite handmade journal. And we know how I am about books…

3. Walking. Everywhere. After this summer, I really appreciate the quiet, alone time walking places gives me. And the little bit of energy from getting UP.

4. The app Charity Miles. I use it when I go jogging, but I also used it yesterday on my walk to and from Java Monkey. They donate 25 cents per mile you walk/run to charity. Here’s their Facebook, and you should all check it out.

5. Surprise messages from faraway friends.

6. Getting letters in the mail. Real letters. Not bills.

7. Hot coffee.

8. My sweet roommate Emily.

9. Educational Psychology: I’m learning so much about the brain! My brain hurts, actually, but it’s very interesting.

10. Being excited to go work on my new ceramic bowls.


Keep your own lists: even in your head. Paying attention to the little things starts making you see how much you have.


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