Sunshine days. 281-290

281. Open sunroof with exquisite sunshine.

282. Catching up with Ammie: cheap beer, long talks, lots of laughs.



These little guys fell in my sunroof. I love fall leaves!

284. Having a girly little conversation with the checkout girl at Best Buy about nail polish. I think there’s something about having real conversations, however small, with strangers that humanizes you to each other.

285. The woman who asked for help picking out an outfit for the Marilyn Manson show. She was going with her nineteen year old sister, and was very excited, as I hear her tell two other people in the store.

286. Having a different group of friends at the house every time we have movie night.

287. Andi and Rowan surprised us and stopped by!

288. Finding a sub letter for Rachel’s spot in the house.

289. Big sweaters.

290. Learning to turn down plans and focus on school. It IS a blessing. Because then I don’t want to pull my hair out all the time.



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