331. My brother Jay. 332. The feeling that happens when all six of the Cook-Vallecillos are home together. 333. Even though they get on my nerves when they bicker, I’m blessed to have Katie and Tommy, but more so that they have each other. Like Jay and I have each other. 334. Fire in the […]


321. Sunflowers. 322. Being able to talk to my mom about literally everything. And she never shuts me down. 323. Having a long chat with my dad the other day, and knowing he’s going to be in town soon. 324. Continuing to learn to be honest. I hate having to say hard to say things. […]


311. I love television. And movies. I have Saturday Night Live tourets and I don’t care who knows it. 312. I also love productivity though. And lately mine has been suffering. So in an effort to get as much out of the next three weeks (AKA the last three weeks of my semester: HALLELUJAH), I […]

Let’s say this is 301. For kicks.

And giggles. Can’t forget the giggles. 301. In case you live under a rock, woke up today from a coma, have no social media, have no daily interaction with humans, or only view this blog with your limited internet: Yesterday was Election Day. And I count that as a blessing. It’s a blessing we live […]