Guest Thankfullery : Nicole

This should have gone up yesterday, and I’m also writing a long blog for later today, but here is my second guest post! Nicole and I lived together for a few months, until I moved next door, aaaand we basically still live together. She’s one of the smartest and determined women I know. She’s pre-med, and I assume she’ll graduate doctor school early. If that’s possible. So here is her collection of recent appreciations :]


Can I just start by saying that I love Allie and I feel honored to be able to guest blog for her. She has such a light, kind, nurturing spirit. I feel so accepted by her and I don’t feel that with just anybody. I’m blessed to have her in my life.


1.     Allie I am thankful for you and your heart.


2.     October was one of the roughest months I have had in a long time but I am thankful for the brokenness that it brought. I am coming out of it embracing the fact that it’s okay to feel things and get help and that’s something that I never thought I would feel okay doing.


3.     FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. FALL. I love the leaves!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


4.     On Mondays I get to do art with kids at the Children’s Healthcare. This is probably one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. When you come face to face with children fighting for their lives things get put into perspective. I have been working with these kids for almost 2 months now every single week I get affected in a new way. SO GRATEFUL FOR THAT OPPORTUNITY.


5.     I am happy that I have learned to laugh at myself. The other day I caught myself in a fight with this crazy wind and my hat flew off in front of a group of strangers and all I could do was laugh. I laughed to myself for a good 15 minutes. I love laughing.


6.     I am thankful for my best friend Genevieve. She has been a blessing to me in ways that I cannot begin to describe. She’ll be in my life for years and years to come.


7.     MUSIC. I love music. I don’t know how I would survive these rough times without it…as dramatic as that sounds. I have found some incredible new music recently.


8.     Leslie Andrews and her language. If you don’t know her you need to. I have never met anyone as proper as her. It’s hilarious.


9.     Getting an A on my Neuroscience exam!


10.  The Office. Best. Show. On. Earth. ALWAYS.


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