Let’s say this is 301. For kicks.

And giggles. Can’t forget the giggles.

301. In case you live under a rock, woke up today from a coma, have no social media, have no daily interaction with humans, or only view this blog with your limited internet:

Yesterday was Election Day.

And I count that as a blessing. It’s a blessing we live in a country where we can vote, as citizens.

But honestly, how many people struggled for that right?


302. I get to vote as a woman. And fierce women before me had to fight for that.

363. Also, I just noticed the girl at the front right of that picture is wearing Keds with her giant skirt. Doubly my hero.

364. Dekalb Farmer’s Market.

365. With Rowan and Joshua, who are two of the nicest brothers a girl could adopt.


Zucchini, green bean, blue cheese and walnut salad. That I made for dinner tonight. Mmmmmmdelish.

(click photo for recipe; really; you want it; you need it)

367. Sold three journals this week!

368. Crisp, rainy, fall air. I’m a sucker for chilly. Even when I get locked out of my house in a t-shirt.


369. I live with four girls, next to my old house which has 6 girls. And when I get locked out, I can simply go next door and the lovely Williams sisters pour me a glass of wine. They’re fantastic.

370. Plans. I don’t plan as often as I should. But I sat down tonight and wrote a detailed plan for my weekend to get a lot of work out of the way. And it feels like all these tasks are achievable when there is a schedule for getting them done.


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