So let’s let this be 302-310.

302. Today I was in a little hiccup of emotions. So I made plans with my oldest bestest friend, Ansley, to stay in for the night. And for the record, that’s the most rejuvenating thing a girl can do on a Friday night. It was calm, plenty of laughs, and the feeling of home friends bring.

303. I heard Christmas music when I was walking into the store today!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I know its early but I’m excited.

304. Ocean’s 12. And Lost. Two tv pleasures of the evening.

305. My mamma. I was in Suwanee for just a bit this morning, and we had a great short visit. I love her. And she listens to me and lets me rant and never makes me feel crazy.

306. Chinese food. And bad fortunes.

307. Went for a run this afternoon. Endorphins fix a lot of hiccups!! I saw so many beautiful leaves. And sunshine. And people enjoying the weather. So good.

308. Sunlight on autumn trees. A highlight of my year.

309. Ephesians 1.

310. Helpful Apple Genius people.


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