311. I love television. And movies. I have Saturday Night Live tourets and I don’t care who knows it.

312. I also love productivity though. And lately mine has been suffering. So in an effort to get as much out of the next three weeks (AKA the last three weeks of my semester: HALLELUJAH), I won’t be using my Hulu or Netflix. Because you would be amazed (yes: AMAZED) at how much those things suck me in.

313. My semester is almost over!! I need to focus on the fact that there is an end, and make an effort to really kick a$k for the next three weeks. Leave it all on the court, or something.

314. Sunday morning breakfast with Nicole. She’s a feisty one that lady.

315. Good chats in the printmaking studio with Kody.

316. Funny gent with an ingenious way to get into the ceramics studio.

317. My roommate Jaclyn had a clothing swap with some friends and had all these extra clothes that we’ve been able to let visitors go through in our living room. Tonight I went through them and found a bunch of stuff for my little sister and her friends. Yay, hand-me-downs!

318. Waking up Saturday morning to breakfast with Ansley and Collin, two of my oldest and best friends.

319. Genevieve and Dustin travel around singing at different events, and sometimes they only work weekends, while other times they are gone for… ten days. Terrible. For me. And Coco. But. Last night they were home for just a few hours before getting on their bus to Orlando, and just a few hours was enough to stir up enough laughs and hugs for another few days.

That may be dramatic. But. We live pretty closely. Totally normal.

320. Friends I can live closely with.


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