321. Sunflowers.

322. Being able to talk to my mom about literally everything. And she never shuts me down.

323. Having a long chat with my dad the other day, and knowing he’s going to be in town soon.

324. Continuing to learn to be honest. I hate having to say hard to say things. Literally hate it. And for most of my life, I have run from those conversations, or just pretended they weren’t necessary. But they are. So. Even though it’s hard I’m getting better at talking when I’m upset.

325. I was thinking the other day about how everyone seems to think their mom is beautiful. And I think that’s beautiful. Would I kick you all in the teeth to defend that my mother is in fact the fairest of them all? Sure. But the fact that almost everyone else would defend that nay their mother is indeed the prettiest is kind of adorable. The mother child bond is pretty cool. In my opinion.

326. Katie’s best friend is Maddie, and they do everything together. And I’m really happy that she is developing that strong bond at her age, because one of the biggest blessings in my life is having a best friend who has known me through thick and thin since I was Kate’s age.

327. Texts from friends just checking in and encouraging me.

328. Watching Tommy play basketball today. A/ he’s the tallest kid on the court, hilarious. B/ its just cute to watch a bunch of ten year olds play basketball.

329. Sweaters.

330. My dog Spencer. Always cuddling.


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