You know something? I haven’t had tons of focus… in a while. I’ve been realizing some things about my self and my brain that are hard, but good. And in order to feel more like myself again, I’m going to reread one of my favorite books. No Greater Love, by Mother Teresa. The woman’s a […]


361. Late night laugh fits with Genevieve 362. Staring at Coco until she laughs. 363. Mini road trip to Athens to support Dustin 364. Frank Sinatra on grey days 365. Late night fire 366. Fireside chats 367. Catching up with Allison on the roof with the city as our backdrop 368. Dancing like a fool […]

I’m back.

With a few of my favorite things. 1. The Sound of Music 2. Cooking 3. Books 4. My mother 5. My family 6. My friend family 7. Black and white movies. & Car Grant 8. Running 9. Creating 10. Laughing But, in the style of the song, I do like brown paper packages… 1. Twinkling […]