New Year. 381-390

381. City lights at night from the window of a plane.

382. Cookbooks.

383. Grapes with chicken.

384. Nataly’s giggles. She reminded me to not take everything so seriously.

385. My mom walked into my room and started playing with my scarves while I was unpacking. All of a sudden, I looked over and she wrapped one as a turban and started screaming in Arabic. Laughs ensued.

386. I’m starting to feel light-hearted again. Feels good.

387. Hugging Alli, my BFF I met in Italy, from Chicago, in Boca.

388. Alli’s family.

389. Celebrating the New Year with the hugs and love of my family.

390. Ricky climbing under a table with a backpack at midnight, because he “wants to travel this year.”


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