391- 400

All about student teaching. Because that’s all I do right now.

1. Molten metal. I came up with a casting project for my jewelry students, and the whole process is AWESOME.

2. Kim, my co-op teacher, for expecting so much. Because she expects a lot from me, I show up ready to run the class.

3. Today Kim wasn’t there and I literally ran everything and everywhere. Back and forth to the media center, back and forth to make copies. Helping kids who came in during their lunches during my other classes, and giving lectures in every class. And I loved it.

4. I started going to a counselor a few weeks ago, and honestly: everyone should be in counseling. It’s incredibly healing to have set time to talk about yourself and what you feel about your life for one hour a week. ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE IN COUNSELING.

5. Remembering to talk myself down. This whole student teaching process has stretched me beyond belief and I love it. But days or lessons that don’t go as planned can get me down. I’ve been learning to remind myself: it’s one class. Yesterday was better. Tomorrow will be better.

6. My friends that came out to celebrate my birthday last weekend. So much fun but so exhausting.

7. The funny note that was left on my car at school. Because they saw my Rincon sticker.

8. Yoga. So much stretching. And I feel so healthy.

9. Speaking of healthy: green smoothies.

10. My students that have already told me they’ll miss me when I’m gone.


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