Remember when I was better at this? 411-420

I’m on Spring Break, so finally on a pause from the controlled chaos of student teaching. Going through my catch up/ to do list today and I realized/thoughtinshame about how long its been since I updated this blog. Knowing that I don’t keep internet promises well, I’m not going to say I’m going to suddenly be better about updating this everyday. I wish. But it’s unlikely. I WILL however ramble a little today about ten throughts and thankfuleries.

1. People in airports. If people-watching were a sport, I’d definitely be an Olympic Gold Medalist. Michael Phelps of people watching. My favorite interaction from Saturday was watching two girlfriends, probably 20/21 chat boisterously on the jetway BECAUSE they were in front of an attractive late twenties male. I tried so hard not to laugh. May or may not have been smirking the whole time. And the BEST was watching them all end up filing into the same row on the plane. Along with the fact the male was NOT OBLIVIOUS. You know the kind of conversation, where the girl is talking loud and basically about nothing?

2. Watching Bridesmaids on a plane. Yes, I skipped to the funny parts. But that’s also funny: trying to not laugh to one of the funniest things in a relatively quiet public place. So I was doing the crouch and shake internal laughter for a majority of my two hour flight. And I didn’t even mind.

3. Funny photos Coco sends me of my puppy while she’s dogsitting


He’s too cute. Even with his bat ears.

4. Getting to spend my Spring Break leisurely getting a tan and doing homework while visiting family in Florida.

5. My dad’s girlfriend’s (stay with me here) daughter, Natalie. When did nine year olds get so funny?

6. Ashley and I met almost four years ago while working together in Costa Rica. We were fast friends, and I had the honor of being in her wedding two years later. She lives in West Palm Beach, though, and we don’t get to spend much time together as “grown ups” (I know, I’m not one, but she is). Last night I got to have dinner with her and her husband and catch up for a couple hours, and it was lovely. There are certain bonds you make through travel, and adventure, and honesty, that don’t break easy. I’m so thankful for the experiences I’ve had in life and how many friendships have come out of those. Ashley is a gem that I’m so thankful to have in my treasure chest of friends.

7. SUNSHINE. This is definitely false, but I feel like it’s been raining in Atlanta since Christmas. The weather in Florida this week has been sunny with a chance of more sun, and even though I’m too alabaster to enjoy it for more than two hours, it’s amazing what some UV and vitamin D do for the soul.

And skin. I’m not trying to stay alabaster all summer.

8. Multivitamins with caffeine. Odd thing to be thankful for, you may say, but I’m in the process of adjusting my diet and figuring out what foods have negative effects on my energy/ health, and have (for that reason and others) had very little energy for a couple weeks. Extra caffeine = a little boost, big help.

I know, I’m working on getting caffeine out of my system. But I don’t think anyone would recommend complete caffeine detox in the final weeks of your senior year of college, especially when that involves keeping up with 600 5-10 year olds, ya know? :]

9. I’M SO CLOSE TO GRADUATION! I do have to take two classes over the summer, but I’m SO CLOSE. That hasn’t actually set in, how much my life is about to change sans school, but I’m looking at the positive which is NO MORE GEORGIA STATE BUREAUCRACY! That may sound extreme, but I don’t even care. I won’t be surprised if my blood pressure completely bottoms out when I no longer have to deal with those offices. I’m feeling close to Nirvana just imagining it.

10. Cafe con leche. My dad makes the best and it’s another little perk of staying with him for a week. :]

So, blog updated. Let’s see when I get back to this. Feel free to pester me digitally or in person. I tend to hate rules, but love to do things I’m asked to do. I know, I made the blog and the rules. But hey, rules are for…breaking?


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