Ash Wednesday 451-460


1. My goal of lent is to re root: “again establish deeply and firmly”
2. Great run with Zuko after work
3. Sweet puppy cuddles; Z follows me and falls asleep attached to me.
4. Jon Foreman.
5. The swell between minute 1 and 2 in Coldplay’s Twisted Logic.
6. I’m thankful that I feel the freedom to love what I love even when others don’t: that’s right, I know most people hate Coldplay’s X and Y. 🙂
7. I’m thankful to have a mother who ingrained that value in me. To be unique, independent, and find my own way.
8. Grateful for a chance to sit down and create a simple art page.
9. The joy I get from creating beautiful things.
10. Trying to wrap my brain around the idea that the Creator created me to create, and plausibly gets even more enjoyment in his creations creating than I can fathom. You with me?


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