1. This reflection in Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller.

By now, the sun has sunk so low that everything on the shrine’s hill is glowing and golden. Just looking at it, at so much beauty in one place, makes the tightness in my chest loosen a little. Surely, if there’s evil in the world, it’s counterbalanced by moments like these.

2. Sweet company of my coworker. She has a good heart with honest intentions. I think we can get caught up in ourselves too easily, and begin to have ulterior motives or sneaky intentions. I’m not saying everyone is Frank Underwood. Just that it’s refreshing when people say what they mean without a second thought.

And that I want to aim to have simple intentions.

3. My bestie who can pick up on my emotions even when I don’t.

4. Learning new yoga poses: not just because I like the practice of yoga, but I like finding out things my body is capable of.

5. How amazingly intricately astounding is the human body? I can think, type, wiggle my toes, breath, drink tea, recognize that it’s too hot and my heart and internal systems just keep on keeping on?!

6. I appreciate good stories. Not only was that one quote from Jodi Picoult grand, for calling to mind an exact moment where I had that same idea, but her story was expertly woven between multiple perspectives and time periods with gut wrenching detail. Applause applause applause

7. Thank God that recipes exist that enable me to make a hearty dinner out of the remnants of my groceries! Chickpea, carrot, kale and quinoa soup: heartier than expected.

8. I take for granted that I have a cozy bed and plenty of blankets, and when my feet still stay cold as icicles I have a plethora of socks. So: I’m taking a moment to be thankful for socks.

9. Strangers that pass by with a smile.


We can afford to lose anything and everything if we do not lose our faith in the God of TRUTH AND LOVE



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