There is no way of learning faith except by trial

2. Fresh oranges.

3. Piles of pretty produce on my counter. Healthy for the eyes, healthy for the body.

4. Big laughs that the Uzor girls bring out of me.

5. This little girl was in the store today, buying a present for her classmate. She picked out the present, and then her mom helped her count out her money. It was just a sweet little moment of a probably seven year old trying so hard to do normal citizenly things.

6. Another little boy, probably 18 months old: kept waving and smiling at me, and as I was wondering if his hair was crazy from a nap another woman asked his mother if his hair was always like that. “Always. It always stands straight up in the back.” Please God let me have children with crazy hair.

7. ANOTHER BABY (they make my heart smile) was in front of me in the Publix check out line. He had chocolate and drool all over his face, and he couldn’t stop grinning like a gap toothed elf or something. Too precious.

8. Pink clouds.

9. Peeling paint on old churches.

10. Little moments throughout the day where I just feel like dancing.


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