1. This.


2. I spent the morning watching Oscar and Oliver: they were so sweet, funny and smart. Reminded me how much I love little ones, as well as made me realize that I’ve been in my house alone far too much this week.

3. The boys’ wonder when I made them each a paper fan. I felt like a super hero.

4. Went for a run: still not fast, but I like feeling my body work.

5. Zuko stopped suddenly on our run, and I had to jump over him mid stride. It was one of those moments I wished had been on camera because I felt like if looked SO cool.

6. So much sun!! The weather was glorious today.

7. Maroon lipstick.

8. Flour and sugar free muffins! I made a batch today. I didn’t actually try them yet, but I felt great while baking them!

9. Laughs with Nicole and Devin.

10. Jack and coke slushies.


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