1. Wind that sounds like it could blow the house down. It makes weather a palpable force, and makes it a character to be reckoned with.

2. My sleeping dog curled up beside me. So cute he should be illegal.

3. This experience of art journaling. Being accountable for creating a page a day, as well as letting the fastest creativity happen without many restrictions on myself. A hurried yet simple piece can be very cathartic.

4. I came home from work and Michelle had made sensational turkey burgers for all the roommates! When I say I don’t know that I’ve ever had a better burger… Know that I do not joke about burgers.

5. I am so blessed to live where I live and with the crazy beautiful souls that I live with. These women are smart, powerful, beautiful, passionate creatures that encourage me to be better, kinder, stronger and wiser, all in their simple act of being.

6. I allowed Michelle to take me to her church service. The beginning of the sermon was very rough… The speaker was giving good information, but we were all failing to see the spiritual significance of what she had to say. Her topic was physical health, and once she connected physical healthfulness as a clear expectation of us as Christians, I was really excited for what that could mean if the church really paid attention to her message.

7. Hearing physical health preached from the pulpit. I consider myself to eat pretty healthily, but to have clear spiritual reasoning outline why we are called to be healthy vessels was actually great.

8. Hearing “your body is a temple” from the pulpit mean something more than “don’t have sex before you’re married.” Yes, our body’s are temples. But the only thing to protect is not our virginity. We are temples and we were created for a purpose. For these vessels to make it to their purpose, they need to stay well cared for.

9. I really love what this clarification could entail for the Christian culture. I know those verses have been there LITERALLY THE WHOLE TIME, but: have you ever heard a pastor say, “don’t eat junk food. It’s bad for you. You’re running a race and you need to be able to finish”?? I would love to see more leaders really encourage their congregations to take charge of their physical health as an act of spiritual discipline.

10. God created our bodies to function at optimal performance. How great is it that we can maintain that optimal performance as an act of worship?? It’s this beautifully cyclical thing that I can’t even make sense of into words I don’t think… But: we eat well, exercise, sleep, hydrate, then our bodies are healthier, have more energy, have more power, have less depression, we are excited to do more, all this is an act of drawing toward God, and the more we draw toward God the more He draws toward us.



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