521-570 Holy Megapost, Batman!

What do Brigitte Bardot, Renoir and a wild turkey have in common? My weekend, that’s what.

I spent four days in Asheville helping to drive/ lead a college trip there for Spring Break. The sleep was little, and the driving was much. So, here are my lists of gratitude since Friday!



1. Last day of work at the toy store!

2. Which means: new adventures are coming!

3. On my way to work, I got a flat tire. But! Its a blessing because it could have been so much worse. It could have happened on my way to a first day of work, an important interview, a flight, etc etc and the problem itself could have been exponentially worse than a flat tire!

4. Girl power. (With a phone call to Rosco) I found the spare tire and the jack, and jacked up my car, and starting getting my tire off. I am woman hear me roar.

5. Michelle came to help me as soon as I called, mid hair treatment and all.

6. With both our powers combined, we still couldn’t get the tire off. BUT! A nice stranger named Fritz stopped to help! And he took the whole thing off, and put the spare all the way on!! What a nice guy, that Fritz. Wish I got his address to make him cookies.

7. Even though I was planning to be so so independent and take care of it all myself, Rosco called to let me know he was coming from work anyway, because he didn’t want the mechanics taking advantage of me. Whattaguy.

8. Got to spend an hour hanging out with Rosco on a random Friday!

9. Car was fixed for less than $20. Cheapest car problem I’ve had in forever.

10. LAST DAY AT THE TOY STORE!! I got to work to relieve my sweet coworker, and organized and left notes for new employees, and clocked out, and YAY NEW THINGS!



1. Picked up a rental car to drive to Asheville: HELLO, Ford Fusion, don’t mind if I do fall in love.

2. Picked up students from SCAD Atlanta. Very international group, which is awesome. The four in my car were from Nigeria, Korea and Beijing.

3. Compared to the many times I’ve driven to Savannah, the drive to Asheville was so beautiful! And so curvy! So much nature. Just gorgeous.

4. Starting a trip with my frand Anna, which is fantastic, since she’s been in Bosnia for the better part of the last three years.

5.  Got to Asheville: went to River Arts District. Not as much as I expected, but with a little more exploring time, I think I’d find that its indeed a great little space.

6. Ice cream. Oh, ice cream. Even in the mountains, in March, we got ice cream from The Ultimate Ice Cream Co. I think I had mocha heath bar something or other? Whatever. Delish.

7. Hearing someone confess to gossiping and asking for the love of God in prayer was convicting and encouraging.

8. Observing. In a group of so many backgrounds and varied English proficiencies, there’s a lot to take in. And it was marvelous.

9. This sounds funny, but just DOING SOMETHING out of my ordinary was so needed. The trip to Asheville wasn’t crazy or anything, but it was different from what had become my pattern, and “different” was really all my soul needed.

10. Staying up talking about life and faith for hours in the dark with Anna. Whatta soul.



1. Sunday we left the conference center at 9:30 to go to the Biltmore. Luckily, a Starbucks was on the way: thankful for coffee.

2. Oh yeah, Brigitte Bardot:

Oh, Brigitte.

I’m 100% inspired by her look. Always and forever. I think that she’s beautiful, in a classy and also playful way. And I’m wholeheartedly obsessed with her hair in every picture I’ve ever seen. So. I did my hair like this Sunday.

3. Then when we got to the Biltmore Estate, and were purchasing our group tickets, the nice ladies of Biltmore were asking a thousand questions on how I did it, and playing with my hair.

4. Play with my hair and we can get married.

5. The ticketing people WERE SO HELPFUL. I am so accustomed to customer service people who hate their jobs and therefore aren’t incredibly helpful. These people helped us get a group discount, and were 1000% accommodating. I recommend a trip to the Biltmore just so that you can interact with these lovely human beings.

6. On the drive to the house we saw a turkey. Just chillin! A TURKEY.

7. THE BILTMORE IS SO PRETTY AND I AM THOROUGHLY OBSESSED. So much beautiful. The craftsmanship is impecable, and I can’t imagine having contracted that work over a century ago.

8. Free audio tour. So great! I got to speed through the house and hear all sorts of background on the house and the family. Stories are what keep my interest with history. After traveling around Italy with an Art Historian, the only way I care about what I’m seeing is if someone is explaining the relevance to me.

9. RENOIR. All the art inside the house was original. There were TWO Renoir paintings right next to each other! I want this one. Not the real one, of course, because I’d have to sell both my kidneys and lungs.



10. And Albrecht Durer. To think the original Biltmore collected these paintings and prints in his time and now so many of them have true international significance. Just woah. This original print was hanging in a sitting room:

Albrecht Durer



1. Icicles. So pretty.

2. Fog. Gorgeous.

3. And white water rafting??? Yes. We went white water rafting in March in the Mountains with ice on the car.

4. God bless wetsuits.

5. And thank you, Jesus, my hands and feet did not get frostbitten. It only took about an hour for them to return to normal body temperatures.

6. To be fair: the views from the river were absolutely gorgeous.

7. Fig and prosciutto pizza for a job well done.

8. And sea salt caramels.

9. And a three hour nap.

10. And a bonfire to end the day with dancing, laughing, and glowing embers. Fire: glory.



1. Eaaarly morning! Left at 8:30, but again: thanks for coffee, universe!

2. Good conversations with my new Chinese and Korean friends!

3. I learned to say, “The dog jumped over the wall” in… no one specified what language. Mandarin?

4. And how to say “goodnight” in Korean.

5. Got home safe!

6. Drove straight to my new job: happy first day of new things!

7. Trial by fire: just keep saying yes.

8. Getting to know new kids. I was with the third to fifth graders. Attitudes galore, so funny.

9. Job already has an opening for more hours than originally thought!

10. Spaghetti squash tacos.


Megapost, out.



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