600-610. Or: Dude, where’s my car??

My car got stolen…. Which isn’t a good thing. BUT!!!!!

1. My first thought was, “Nicole. She took my keys and moved my car to mess with me.” I’m thankful that I have friends. Yes, friends PERIOD.

2. The cop who came to take my information was very informative and friendly.

3. A friend I haven’t spoken to in years found out abut my car and offered to drive me if I needed it. How sweet!

4. Another friend volunteered to go on a vigilante mission for me. So kind!

5. Then Nicole, who had NOT stolen my car, unfortunately, offered to let me borrow her car to keep going with my day.

6. I got to spend THE WHOLE ENTIRE day with my sister. That NEVER happens.

7. My sister makes me laugh, and gets so goofy while also being able to be ridiculously wise for her age. I’m so thankful to have a sister I can be so proud of.

8. We got slushies and pretzels. THAT MAKES EVERY DAY BETTER.

9. I found a perfect little just-for-shiggles gift for Nicole.

10. And finally: Friday I left my windows open during a thunderstorm. I was planning to get my car detailed Saturday morning. That just means: whoever stole my car got in and was like, “Crap my butt’s wet!” Sucks to suck.



Shopping with sister


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