611-620; lucky they stole my car

1. Not lucky they stole my CAR. Just lucky they stole MY car, because:
-I can walk to work
-I work out by running loops from my house
-My brother owes me like a million rides from the years he didn’t have a car.
If any of my roommates had their car stolen:
Kate: has to drive to work and school
Ash: commutes 40+minutes every day for work
Genevieve: works all over and HAS to drive
Michelle: constantly driving to and from school and the library across town for med school.
So, see? Lucky it was MINE if it had to happen.
2. How pretty organization makes all my junk. I hung my nail polish shelf on the wall and just want to stare at it.
3. I love decluttering. And I’m on a roll, so nobody get in my way.
4. I love Raging Burrito. Forever and ever and to Pluto and back. Thai salad? The stuff dreams are made of.
5. The Happiness Project. Seriously amazing insight into habits and science of being happy. And I’m loving it. Also the reason I’m decluttering like no other right now.
6. Thankful for other people’s rage at my car situation. Seriously: I’m pretty calm about it, and trying to see the good. But you KNOW it’s the absolute worst when you’re upset and someone else tries to lessen the magnitude of the situation with their positive outlook. Just saying. It’s nice to let other people get upset while maintaining calm. Thanks, guys. 🙂
7. Bare Minerals Moxie lipstick. Hot pink. Ooh la la!!
8. Two hours spent in Barnes and Noble are two hours you will never regret.
9. Spending the entire day with Liz is also never a regret.
10. Waking up in a clean and ordered and beautiful room! So proud. Such a happy feeling.


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