641-650: decisions are hard.

But, little decisions shouldn’t be. Literally: couldn’t decide between making lunch and putting away laundry. To the point that I had trouble breathing. SO SILLY. But, an example of how anxiety can creep up and ruin my beautiful Sunday. Ten things that helped me breathe/ pause anxiety.
1. I came to my Mom’s house. Isn’t it great to have a place to go that has a piece of you? I’m definitely romanticizing, but I love having a home.
2. Hugs from mom.
3. Little brother made me lunch.
4. Sunny drive.
5. Curled puppy in my lap.
6. Lovely friends who offer to just be there.
7. Silly sister trying to make me laugh.
8. Seeing familiar faces at Gwinnett Church.
9. Having a schedule for the next few days. Having certain decisions made for me helps a lot.
10. Knowing that this wave will pass.


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