651-660. Why can’t we do healthy things?!

Why is it so hard to break a funk and do the things that make us healthy and happy? Specific to me: running and blogging. I get on a cycle and I’m all about it, and then it’s like my brain goes, wait, this is TOO good, I don’t recognize you any more, and self sabotages. Or something way less dramatic. So. Thanks to my soul sister Genevieve for bullying me into writing a list. Here’s my recent top 10.

1. Saturday night. Watching my friend unwind and have a blast, laughing and smiling.
2. Getting three foreign strangers to Night-at-the-Roxbury her.
3. Having the energy to run AFTER work.
4. Having the energy and attitude to PLAY at work, rather than just work.
5. Watching my boss deal with difficult children, and learning how to handle it with grace and peace.
6. Enjoying my walks to work.
7. Coworkers who volunteer to drive me home.
8. Chocolate croissants.
9. Little baby English bulldogs.
10. New babysitting jobs.

Check me out! Making lists and working on a healthy soul and stuff!

Thanks, Genevieve. 😘


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