661-670. Get happy, get healthy.

1. New running shoes came in the mail!

2. Short run.

3. Laughing with students even though I was exhausted.

4. One of my kids just wanted to be hugged. And I’m cool with that. Because she’s great and it’s my honor to love her well.

5. Genevieve for reminding me that no matter what I can’t deny my spiritual experience. They formed me and will always be true.

6. This guy who’s motivated to do stuff he cares about, which motivated me to do stuff I care about.

7. Finally opened up my splashguard for my pottery wheel: voila I’m great at throwing again!

8. Taking a shower only to get covered in mud. I love clay. I love creating. And I love the slippery mush that covers me.

9. My brother for “checking in” by sending me funny sibling videos.

10. And this video for making me feel the feels!


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