Wedding of the Decade. 681-690

The bride wore black. And gold. A crown and a cape.

Genevieve had a vision beyond vision for this, their celebration of love. Beyond being a celebration of themselves, they turned it into a celebration of their friends and family. This week my goal is to recount the multitude of ways Genevieve and Dustin’s love, lives and wedding make me grateful beyond belief.

Here, the first list. Treasured friends and their impacts on the day.

  1. Genevieve: visionaire extraordinaire. Black, gold, white, plums, figs, mood, splendor.
  2. Kate: stylist beyond reason. She handcrafted every detail of the bride’s vision.
  3. Rachel: photographer from Heaven. She captured dynamism, the power of this type of love, and made us all feel famous.
  4. Jesse: behind the scenes photographer, sass for days, Vanity Fair-arranger.
  5. Luna: sang “Disappointed” by Micah Dalton for the first dance. I can’t stop singing it. She is graced with magic.
  6. Tiffany: Matron of F’IN HONOR. She served so well. She loved so hard. And she wrote the most powerful words to speak over these lovers.
  7. Dustin: he’s gonna get his own list later, but what a man. He loves so well. He cherishes so well. And he makes us all feel beautiful and seen.
  8. Ceci: most open hearted toast that brought the bride to tears. Not her only tears of the night. But still. Tears.
  9. Matt: saved the DAY with last minute alcohol run.
  10. Genevieve again. Because. She sang “Chandelier” at her own reception and crushed it so hard …. I’m 98.99% sure it was better than Sia.

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