Groom / 691-700

Dustin. His friendship over the past four years has added depth and understanding to my heart. Where I am sharp, he is soft. Where I am quick to conclude, he is slow to judge. 

One of the revelations I had about being part of Dustin and Genevieve’s bridal party was the fact that a/ they counted me as treasured company, but more so b/ the other people assembled as the bride and grooms people had all experienced this level of deep authentic love from D and G. The bridespeople I hadn’t met were nearly immediately fused to my forever tribe because they were tried and true genuine people.

Let’s discuss// list some of the many ways Dustin shows up by being that kind of genuine. 

1. When he asks how I am, he expects the rawest answer. 

2. My raw answers don’t scare him. 

3. He loves my G with all his being. 

4. He fights for G. Hard. 

5. Honesty. I don’t know that I will ever be comfortable being on that tier of honesty, but God, I hope I get there. 

6. He’s funny: have ya watched Netflixion??!

7. Also: Dorian. 

8. At the reception he took the time to find me and tell me he loved me. Not as part of a “good groom checklist.” But because he values me and wants to be sure I know that. I want to be clear about how much I value people! 

9. He kicks very real ass on stage, okay?! 

10. Beyond being the One for my girl G, he is a multifaceted creature who loves to love, loves to embrace, extend compassion, bring smiles to to people’s faces, and is all the while humble. What a man. 


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