Bride. 701-710


I was really hoping there were ten letters in her name so I could do an elementary school poem for her. 

Genevieve has been a constant source of love and understanding since I met her; the middle of the night, we both had just moved into a sorority of sorts, I was awake to pee and she was just coming home from her server job. I’m pretty sure she hugged me. Even though I was like “Girl, get out of my way, you are keeping me from my one true love: pillow.” 

From that first moment when she looked at me with bright eyes and a huge smile, she’s never left me alone. In the best way. When I hit my low points, she hunts me down. When I’m sad and disappointed on my birthday, she shows up with a cake that says “Help me I’m poor” or “Eyebrows on fleek.” When I’m mad at the world, she hears me out and tells me I’m not unreasonable. When I’m allowing myself to be undervalued and overlooked, she’s the first to say “Stop it right now and whisper to yourself, ‘I’m a Queen.'” (I’m a queen!)

Here, for starters, ten memorable moments and characteristics of la Reina de todo that make me love her to … Infinity and beyond. 

1. That cake. . . I was living in Gwinnett and student teaching on my birthday. No one had made plans to come celebrate and I didn’t blame them. But having to be up at 5:45 I wasn’t going to go downtown to make someone celebrate me. So she showed up with two other besties with a cake quoting Bridesmaids and whisked me off to dinner and laughs and balloons and all the special treatment. 

2. On another birthday she took me to Free People and spoiled me rotten. Who does that?!

3. One year for Lent, the pair of us spent an hour every morning journaling and reading and meditating. And we both are the very polar opposite of morning people. Like… Whatever civilization functions at night and sleeps in day, those are our people. But during those 40 days we kept one another accountable, we wrestled with personal demons together, we had pure, honest, open hearted conversations on the daily. 

4. Also one time for her birthday I dressed up as David Bowie and she said her love language was drunkeness so I took a shot of Patron straight from the bottle, which was bigger than my head. #neverforget

5. One Friday night, the aforementioned sorority sisters and Dustin were sitting around laughing and someone (Genevieve) said, “Let’s go dancing!” And ten minutes later we were piling into an uber and heading to MJQ. 

6. I can’t tell you the number of times she has listened to me cry about being emotionally mistreated. And respond with so much patience. And love. And redirect me, and remind me of my worth and value. 

7. If there’s ever been one person to constantly acknowledge my worth as a precious creation (more than my mother), it’s Genevieve. 

8. I got to teach her how to chop an onion. Girl can’t cook but one dish. But she cooks that dish so good! What she lacks in domestic skill though, she more than provides in emotional support. That whole bit about when you’re blind, your other senses are stronger? Like Daredevil? Let’s apply that here. 

9. She loves my dog like he’s her son. No really: she licked him more than once. 

10.  While visiting with my family for a Labor Day party, she got along swimmingly with everyone. Clearly she realized she fit in, because we all went to play volleyball, and on her serve she yelled, “This should have been my family!” We all agree. Also labels don’t matter. You’re my familia for forever, G. 



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