Bride. 701-710

  Genevieve.  I was really hoping there were ten letters in her name so I could do an elementary school poem for her.  Genevieve has been a constant source of love and understanding since I met her; the middle of the night, we both had just moved into a sorority of sorts, I was awake to […]

Groom / 691-700

Dustin. His friendship over the past four years has added depth and understanding to my heart. Where I am sharp, he is soft. Where I am quick to conclude, he is slow to judge.  One of the revelations I had about being part of Dustin and Genevieve’s bridal party was the fact that a/ they […]

Wedding of the Decade. 681-690

The bride wore black. And gold. A crown and a cape. Genevieve had a vision beyond vision for this, their celebration of love. Beyond being a celebration of themselves, they turned it into a celebration of their friends and family. This week my goal is to recount the multitude of ways Genevieve and Dustin’s love, […]


1. Friends who show me how to love the best. 2. Fake spring weather in February. 3. Inklings of sunlight on my bike ride home. 4. The joys of planning my trip to Spain! 5. Curry. Yum. 6. Eucalyptus essential oil. 7. I have an art studio in my house. 8. My fireplace filled with […]